How To: Create a Post-Event Strategy

Last Wednesday I talked about planning an event. This week I would like to discuss how to create a plan to engage donors and attendees after the event ends.

Make sure everyone is properly thanked  for their support (via mail, email or phone calls) using your list of attendees and donors and their contact information. I find that a hand-written note is the most effective means of thanks, but if time and money don’t allow it, make sure that the expression of thanks is personal.

Next, make sure your list of attendees and donors is transferred to whatever database your organization uses. Uploading and keeping track of these people and their contact information may be tedious at first, but it will definitely be beneficial in the future. Your attendees and donors are obviously interested in your organization, but if they aren’t kept in the loop, support could fall by the wayside. Not because of their lack of interest, but people are busy.

Invite people who haven’t already done so to “Like” your Facebook page and to “Follow” your organization on Twitter and Instagram. The more you keep people involved, the more likely they’ll continue their support.

Events are meant to create long-lasting supporters for your organization. It’s crucial to make sure that attendees feel wanted and are important to your mission.

Get planning, and good luck!

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