How To: Create a Brochure

Having a specific brochure geared to a specific audience can be a great way to market your organization to a target group of people.


1. What questions would this audience have about your organization?

2. What parts of your programs would appeal to this group of people?

3. How would they benefit from your organization?

4. What are you asking this group of people to do? Participate? Volunteer? Donate?

5. What is the best way to get in contact with your organization?


1. The less text the better

  • Cramming as much text in as possible is hard to read.

2. Use headers

  • The easier it is to scan, the better.

3. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

  • People like to see the people who are a part of and benefit from your organization.
  • Don’t just tell people what you do, show them.

Happy designing, and good luck!


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