Glenn Beck …. LGBT* Hero….?


Here it goes….

I have to congratulate Glenn Beck.

Seriously, I know.

I never thought this day would come. For those who haven’t seen what’ I’m referring to:

From what I read about his stance, thoughts are inspired by his  libertarian ideology, ( I’m not even going to touch how I feel about libertarians, call me if you want me to rant at you for hours.) and I oddly agree with his logic. He accurately connected the treatment of the LGBT* community to a scenario that could lead to Holocaust scenarios. Respectively and passionately.

I definitely have my negative biases towards the Fox news style of “journalism”. But I have to give credit where credit is due. All eyes are on Russia, and will be for months. And many LGBT* celebrities have voiced their outrage and protest. Which is extremely and undeniably important. But, at least it certain circles, I think that Glenn Beck’s vocal chastisement of Putin and the Russian government will be more impactful on the American people.

Should it be that way? Definitely and without a doubt NO. Allies are important but LGBT* activists should be in the forefront… but it’s Glenn Beck. He’s a household name, that a lot of people pay attention to and agree with. In this case, like many others, influence is influence. And he is actually exemplifying what it means to be an ally and straight activist.

While we wait for more LGBT* members of the Senate and the House of Representatives and queer individuals with large political clout, strangely we have to look at Glenn Beck for a shinning example of how to maneuver the queer international politics.


Hetero-facism…….. I don’t even know.


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